Our solution

We provide a comprehensive solution that allows broadcasters
to receive authentic and up-to-the-minute video content
from their audience and general public.

Once the solution is set up, the user generated videos start coming and our dedicated team gets to business so that your show ratings can go through the roof. Our services and complex technology save you time and money and set you apart from the competition.

  • Daily preselection of the best local videos based on your list of preferred topics
  • Selection of the best international videos from the global Reporterio database
  • On-going communication and motivation of users (citizen journalists)
  • Localization of citizen journalists and their briefing regarding of specific coverage
  • On-going communication with your dedicated team
  • Regular platform updates and innovations
  • Technical support

We provide a complex technological solution that will deliver authentic video content straight to your "door" without the need for you to implement any technologies. We get everything up and running for you.

  • Your own branded iOS and Android application
  • Dedicated website where users upload and watch videos
  • Server solution where all videos are stored

For every country, we have a dedicated team of Reporterio professionals who are responsible for on-time content delivery and flawless communication with your team. They ensure that all services are set up and are running according to your needs.

Part of the team is always on hand for your internal team so that you can have the latest content within minutes while others take care of the technological side of things.


A TV show with high ratings yet low production cost

Up-to-minute video content that is broadcast first by you

Community of active reporters and engaged viewers


Constant delivery of user generated and on-demand video content

Access to international video content database

Acquisition of important reporters who shoot high-quality videos

Thanks to our solution
everyone with smartphone
can be your reporter!


Our success stories

The goalie video that took the world by storm!

Over 1.700.000 views on YouTube

The video was broadcast by the following media:


Cooperation with FTV Prima in the Czech Republic

FTV Prima is part of the MTG Group and the second largest commercial broadcaster in the Czech republic. With Reporterio, we help them increase their prime time news ratings.

The show runs every day on prime time at 19:40. The show’s average duration is 7 minutes. Every day, Reporterio receives about 60 videos. The team preselects the best ones for FTV Prima. FTV Prima airs arround 10 videos per show.

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